Topics to talk about

Topics to talk about

If you ever feel like you don't have anything to talk about with your crush or a guy then check out these interesting topics to talk about with crush and topics to talk about with a guy. After you talk about these things you will see how interesting your chat went and you may know more about them.

30 Topics to talk about with crush 


2. Favourite sports

3. Favourite clothing brand

4. Destinations

5. Their thought on love 

6. Their family

7. Friends 

8. Life goals

9. Achievements

10. Fears

11. Closest people

12. Common friends 

13. Little secrets 

14. Habits 

15. What they like in people

16. What they dislike in people

17. Favourite actors and actresses

18. Books

19. Astrology

20. Cars

21. Games 

22. Food

23. Things that irritate you and them

24. Dreams

25. What they want to change in themselves 

26. What kind of partner do they want 

27. Yours and their past

28. What do they think about marriage

29. Career

30. Things they want to do with their partner

50 Topics to talk about with a guy 

1.Childish habits

2. Previous heartbreaking

3. Biggest doubt 

4. Biggest regret

5. Who has lost your trust 

6. What kind of movies do you like

7. What kind of music do you listen

8. So you own any music album

9. Who is your favourite rapper

10. How many phones have you broken

11. How many times did you get in fights in school

12. What is the most useless thing you do?

13. What is the worst and best thing about being a male?

14. Have you ever got a nightmare?

15. Have you seen a dream you were embarrassed to tell anyone?

16. Career

17. plans

18. Dreams

19. What movie can you watch over and over and not get tired of?

20. Which is your favourite series?

21. Favourite destinations 

22. How many places have you travelled to?

23. What do you like about girls?

24. What do you notice in girls at first?

25. What are you tired of hearing about?

26. What three events in your life made the biggest impact on you today?

27. What changes do you want to make yourself

28. Do you like girls in makeup or no makeup?

29. How many kids do you want?

30. What is your weirdest date experience?

31. Do watch anime?

32. What is your closest close call?

33. What is the funniest incident you never forget?

34. What life stories will you tell your kids?

35. What are your thoughts on love?

36. What do you think about the LGBTQ community?

37. What is the worst purchase you have ever made?

38. Do you read books?

39. What is your favourite board game?

40. Do you believe in astrology?

41. What behaviour in other people turns you off?

42. How do you judge other people?

43. Have you ever lied purposely to save yourself and that got someone else in danger?

44. What is your favourite food?

45. Which food do you hate the most?

46. What is the best prank you made On someone?

47. What is friendship to you?

48. What are the two things you'll never spend money on?

49. What's the best decision you have made?

50. What is your favourite cartoon?

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