Superhero Trivia

Superhero Trivia

If you and your friends are superhero fans then you should play this spiderman trivia and wonder women trivia.

Superman Trivia

1.What is Spider-Man's real name?

2. Where does Spider-Man shoot his webs from?

3. Which city does Spider-Man protect from crime?

4. Which newspaper did Peter Parker work for in the 2002 film Spider-Man?

5. Who wrote the original Spider-Man comics?

6. What is the title of the new Spider-Man film released in 2017?

7. What were the names of Peter Parker's parents?

8. What does Peter Parker's spider-sense do?

9. President Barack Obama’s favourite superhero is Spider-Man. True or false?

10. What words of wisdom did Peter Parker's uncle give to him?

11. What is Peter Parker's favourite hobby?

12. How did Peter Parker get his special powers?

13. What inspired Stan Lee to create Spider-Man?

14. What speed can Spider-Man reach?

15. At which school did Peter Parker study?

16. What comic book did Spider-Man first appear in?

17. Which character bullied Peter Parker in high school?

18. Who was the first super-villain Spider-Man ever encountered?

19. What did Spider-Man bring home from the first "Secret Wars"?

20. Which superhero convinced Spider-Man to reveal his secret identity to the public?

21. What was the name of Peter Parker's uncle?

22. Who was Peter Parker's first superhuman girlfriend?

23. What actor played Spider-Man in the 1977 TV series?

24. Which Spider-Man villain was imprinted with the genetic coding of a common housefly?

25. Which Spider-Man villain was the son of the Kingpin?

26. Which Spider-Man villain dresses and acts like a 1920s gangster?

27. Who was the original Hobgoblin?

28. What is the secret identity of Spider-Man 2099?

29. What is the name of Peter Parker's teenage daughter?

30. Which Spider-Man villain did NOT work for Oscorp?

31. What Daily Bugle reporter was Peter Parker's rival for Betty Brant's affections?

32. What is the Rhino's secret identity?

33. Which Spider-Man villain is the CEO of Fireheart Enterprises?

34. In The Superior Spider-Man, what villain replaced Peter Parker as Spider-Man?

35. Which of Peter's high school crushes married Harry Osborn?

36. In the caged fighting match in the movie "Spider-Man", who was the man Peter Parker fought?

37. Norman Osborn was a character in the movie "Spider-Man". What company did he own?

38. Who made the suit Peter wore for most of the movie?

39. Who is the first to discover that Peter Parker is Spider-Man?

40.  What name does Peter give to the AI in his Spider-suit?

Wonder women Trivia 

1.Wonder Woman made her first appearance in what comic book?

2. Who was the first costumed villain Wonder Woman ever faced?

3. Who created Wonder Woman?

4. What was the first superhero team Wonder Woman joined?

5. Who played Wonder Woman in the 1970s TV show?

6. During the 1960s, Wonder Woman became the pupil of what Chinese martial arts master?

7. The first issue of what women's magazine featured Wonder Woman on the cover?

8. Who was the first costumed villain Wonder Woman ever faced?

9. What was Wonder Woman real name?

10. What is the other name of Paradise Island, which is Wonder Woman's home?

11. What was 'Wonder Woman' originally made of?

12. During which World War was the character created?

13. What is the name of Wonder Woman's alias?

14. When were  the stories of 'Wonder Woman' first published as 'Wonder Girl'?

15. Queen Hippolyta became Wonder Woman for some time instead of Princess Diana. True or false?

16. What is  Wonder  Woman's  catchphrase?

17. Steve Trevor was the first and only 'Wonder Woman' love interest ever written according to DC Comics. True or false?

18. Who among the Amazons taught Diana to control her powers and master martial arts?

19.  Which accessory of hers allowed Wonder Woman to breathe in outer space?

20. Wonder Woman can speak to animals. True or false?

21. How could Wonder Woman possibly lose her powers?

22. Does Wonder Woman have super-breath like Superman?

23. Can Wonder Woman use telepathic communication to read minds?

24. Where were the scenes of Paradise Island, Themyscira, filmed in real life?

25. For her role in the film franchise, how long did Gal Gadot train for?

26. Which actor plays the role of Steve Trevor?

27. In the 2017 movie, 'Wonder Woman', Steve Trevor and Princess Diana meet during which war?

28. Which actor plays the role of Steve Trevor?

29. What was the name of Steve's secretary in the movie?

30. Who is the only character to address Diana as "Miss Prince"?

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