Deep Topics To Talk About

Deep Topics To Talk About

Deep and insightful topics of conversation. 60 conversational topics for a deep, spiritual and personal conversation. Have an insightful conversation on these topics.

Personal Questions 

1. What motivates you in life?

2. What is one principle you would never compromise with? 

3. Tell me about a defining moment in your life. 

4. What memories guide you through difficult moments?

5. What is one invaluable lesson your parents have taught you?

6. What do you miss about your past self?

7. What are your goals in life?

8. What has been the most consistent struggle in your life?

9. Do you believe in being open about your emotions?

10. When do you feel most vulnerable?

11. Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

12. Which songs do you listen on loop when you are sad?

13. How do you deal with self-doubt?

14. Who is your biggest role model in life?

15. Do you think we can ever truly stop loving a person?

16. How important is music to you?

17. Do you look for a sense of purpose in your professional life?

18. What is something you have difficulty in being honest about?

19. What traits do you value the most in a partner?

20. How important is money for you? 

Spiritual Questions 

1. Do you think self-reflection is important?

2. Does meditation really affect us positively?

3. Are spirituality and religion separate from each other?

4. What makes existence valuable?

5. Does the universe have a plan for everyone?

6. How should one define what sin is?

7. Is anyone qualified for judging another human being?

8. Is the death penalty justifiable?

9. Can there be heaven and hell beyond death?

10. Do all religions lead to one God?

11. Why do you think so many marriages are unsuccessful?

12. Is being connected to nature important?

13. What role does one’s environment play in their morality?

14. Can someone be religious without adhering to one particular religion?

15. How can inner peace be achieved?

16. What is a truly unforgivable crime according to you?

17. Do you believe in rebirth?

18. What makes life meaningful?

19. Is there life after death?

20. Are souls eternal?

Questions About Relationships 

1. Is marriage the ideal conclusion of all relationships?

2. Do socio-economic factors play a role in relationships?

3. What is something important most couples often forget?

4. Can long-distance relationships be successful?

5. Can infidelity be excused under any circumstances?

6. Is love at first sight possible?

7. Does money play a role in the success of a relationship?

8. How important is sex in a relationship?

9. Is it possible to completely stop loving a past lover?

10. What makes a marriage successful?

11. Can people with different love languages stay with each other?

12. What do you personally look for in a relationship?

13. Can people with different individual ambitions stay together?

14. What are some problems with modern-day relationships?

15. Is monogamy the only valid form of relationship?

16. Is your family’s opinion on who you date important?

17. Are first impressions important for a relationship?

18. Can someone be friends with their ex?

19. How important is love in a long-term relationship?

20. Should people in a relationship know everything about each other’s past?

We hope you like these deep topics of conversation. It is important to be respectful of other people's answers and be honest with each other when you have a meaningful and open conversation using these topics. 

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