BTS Trivia

BTS Trivia

If you are an Army and think that you know everything about BTS then you would know the answers to these BTS trivia questions. You can ask them to your Army friends as well.

BTS Trivia 

BTS (bulletproof boy scouts) is a Korean boy band whose Korean literal translation is Bangtan Soneyondan. The band consists of seven members. They are currently the most popular boy band on the planet. Their fanboy army is the world's largest. They write and produce their own music. They have a number of music videos on YouTube that have surpassed 1 billion views. They've even been nominated for Grammy awards.

If you are an army then check out these bits trivia questions:

1.What is the zodiac sign of Jimin?

2. RM learned English from where?

3. Who is the youngest member of BTS?

4. Who is the rapper in BTS?

5. Who is the oldest member of BTS?

6. Who is the leader of BTS?

7. Is v ambidextrous?

8. Who joined BTS first?

9. Which member doesn't have pierced ears?

10. Which members have got tattoos?

11. Which members go by their real names?

12. Who plays the saxophone in BTS?

13. Who writes the most songs in BTS?

14. What is the BTS fandom called?

15. Who used to be a delivery boy in the band?

16. Who is Band Pd nim?

17. Who is an atheist in the band?

18. Name the members from Busan?

19. Name the members from Daegu?

20. When is Jungkook's birthday?

21. Who made their acting debut in 2017?

22. Which female artist did Bts collab with?

23. Who remixed their song Mic Drop?

24. What is the full form of BTS?

25. How many members are there in BTS?

26. What is V's real name?

27. What is the full form of RM?

28. What is J-hope's real name?

29. What is RM's real name?

30. What is Suga's real name?

31. What is Jin's real name?

32. Which member likes to draw?

33. Which member's favourite colour is green?

34. Which member is a part of the woods squad?

35. Which member acted in a Korean drama?

36. Which member is from Ilsan?

37. Who learned the modern dance in the band?

38. Name their first studio album?

39. Name the first song which charted no.1 on billboard hot 100?

40. Name all the songs which charted no.1 on billboard hot 100m

41. Name all of their English songs?

42. For which international award were they nominated?

43. What are their animation cartoons called?

44. What is the literal meaning of bang sonyeondan?

45. Which member was a part of the street dancing club?

46. Were BTS the most tweeted celebrities of 2017?

47. What is the name of Suga's solo mixtape? 

48. Name Jimin's first solo song?

49. When did Bts debut?

50. For which song and album did BTS receive their first award?

51. Is BTS the first-ever Korean band to be invited to the Grammys?

52. We're BTS ever nominated for the Grammys?

53. Which member introduces them as ' I'm your hope your my hope'?

54. What is the official colour of BTS and Army?

55. Who jokingly said purple as a colour of hope and love because it's the last colour in the rainbow?

55. What is meant by Boreham?

56. Who is a big fan of singer IU?

57. 'Spring day' is a song of which album?

58. How much money did BTS donate to black lives matter?

59. What is the name of the company BTS is part of?

60. Name other friends of Jungkook and V?

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