Are you a lion or a sheep?

Lion and sheep are two polar opposite animals. These two animals are completely different in what they eat and how they look. Some people are associated with these two animals.. If a person is fierce then they are a lion and if they are clean and clever they are sheep. If you want to know if you are a lion or a sheep then take this quiz.

Am I a lion or am I a sheep?

Lion and sheep are two animals who are completely different apart from being animals. They eat different food, they look different in size. On one hand, a sheep looks so innocent and on the other hand, a lion looks so dangerous and fierce. These characteristics can be found in humans too that is why they are connected to them.

Are you a lion or a sheep?

If you want to find out if you associate with a lion or a sheep then you should take this quiz to find out as this quiz is very easy and fun. 


You are a lion. That means you have some characteristics associated with lions.


You are sheep. That means you have a characteristic associated with a sheep.